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OCTOBER 20-24, 2023 - IN GERMAN


"In the age of constant acceleration, nothing is more exhaling than going slow. In the age of constant distraction, nothing is as luxurious as paying attention. And in the age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as sitting still."


- Pico Iyer

In the western world we often live according to the motto "Higher - Faster - Further"; everything has to go quickly, strength is required, we have a lot to do and our calendars and to-do lists are bursting at the seams - even for us experienced yogis. All of this is pure yang. The yin as a counterpart - pausing, stillness, softness and passivity - is often neglected, although we are coming to realize that this is exactly what we need physically and mentally. Yin Yoga creates a wonderful balance to the hectic everyday life, the hustle and bustle of the world, but also to powerful sports and dynamic yoga styles.


Especially in today's world, which is changing faster than our nervous system can keep up with, so many of us long for more peace in mind and body. More and more of us are longing for an everyday life that is not always about performance and perfection, but rather about inner peace, clarity, balance and an answer to the question: what makes me special as an individual? How much would our world change if we could all settle down a little more and find mechanisms to regulate our stress and not pass it on to others? This is exactly where the Yin Yoga practice offers helpful and profound impulses - with very simple means that are accessible to all people and bodies.


Teaching Yin Yoga is something very special –  you support your students to keep the body healthy and supple and to release blockages that have arisen from years of stress and one-sided strain. As teachers, we help them, through the individual variations of the postures, to arrive more consciously in their own bodies and to listen more to their very own needs. We teach - sometimes very subtly - that it is not a question of forcing ourselves into an external form or an ideal image, but of perceiving our individuality and always adapting our postures so that they fit our body and to how we are feeling that particular day. We offer our students a series of postures that stimulate the flow of energy in the body and can therefore always have a holistic effect. We also invite them on a wonderful journey towards a relaxed nervous system and new mental and emotional balance.


OCTOBER 20-24, 2023

is this training suitable?

This training is aimed at all those who want to pass on and teach the magic and tranquility of Yin Yoga.

A previous yoga teacher training (200h) is an advantage, but not a must. In addition, you should have had your own experience with Yin Yoga.

This training is suitable for yoga teachers of all styles who want to supplement their knowledge of the aspect of Yin Yoga and offer Yin classes themselves, but also for coaches or therapists who want to supplement their work with this practice

as well as all interested yoginis and yogis who want to dive deeper into the subject.

This training is taught in German.


Contents of the training


    • The principle of Yin & Yang

    • Yin Yoga principles according to Paul Grilley, Bernie Clark & Sarah Powers

    • The benefits of Yin Yoga


    • Functional approach of Yin Yoga vs. aesthetic focus of yoga

    • Effects and benefits of Yin practice on the physical body

    • Understand individual anatomical differences and mobility 

    • The difference between compression and tension

    • What happens to muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints in Yin Yoga


    • Understand the nervous system and relaxation response

    • Yin Yoga as a mindfulness and meditation practice


    • Energy/Chi and the main meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    • How we can stimulate the flow of energy in the body through Yin Yoga


    • Including adjustments for different body types / bone structures

    • The use of props

    • How to get in and out of a pose

    • The affected meridians


    • Sequencing of a Yin Yoga class

    • What to pay attention to when teaching Yin Yoga

  • PRACTICUM: you get to teach and receive feedback directly

Gehe ganz tief:

Bei gleichzeitiger Anmeldung für dieses und das 50h Embodied Awareness Yin Yoga Teacher Training im März 2025 erhältst du einen Rabatt i.H.v. 100€!


Training week:

October 20-24, 2023, aprox. 8am - 6pm 

Online Teacher Class:

November 23, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Mentoring Call:

December 7, 6.30 - 8pm


Early Bird until July 31st:

880 €

Regular Price from August 1st:

950 €


Training week:

October 20-24, 2023, aprox. 8am - 6pm 

Online Teacher Class:

November 23, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Mentoring Call:

December 7, 6.30 - 8pm


Caro (E-RYT 200, YACEP), who learned from Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley, among others, is convinced that the world needs a slower pace. That the silence and energy work in the Yin Yoga postures strengthens the connection to our own body and intuition and that we can find out more about ourselves. As a business psychologist and life & embodiment coach, she is particularly interested in the mental-emotional benefits of Yin Yoga and the connection between mind and body. She continues to educate herself in the areas of mental health, yin yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is also pleased to see how the students often exhibit a completely different posture, calmness and energy after a Yin Yoga class. 

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