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Hi, I'm Caro.

I took my first yoga class during my studies. I didn't really want to go again - it wasn't physically challenging enough. A few years later I went back to a vinyasa class and fell in love with yoga.

My thirst for knowledge grew and I plunged into several teacher trainings. The effects of yoga and what I learned in the trainings changed my view of the working world and what was really important to me.

After my bachelor's and master's degrees, a trainee program in a large corporation and my focus on working life, I felt unbalanced, not in touch with myself and my mental health suffered. The first yoga teacher training changed my perspective and gave me the courage to quit my job in human resources management, which I had been in for years. I became a self-employed yoga teacher.

Having been coached myself, the positive experience led me to want to explore more about coaching. My first coach training as a life coach with a focus on positive psychology soon followed.




Finally listening to what my body had been telling me for a long time brought me more balance and joy. And so I am convinced that we need to become more in touch with our body and emotions - that is, be EMBODIED - in order to find well-being, balance and fulfillment for ourselves.

Various tools can help to reach such an EMBODIED CONNECTION (i.e. a connection to the body; between body, mind and heart) - tools with which I have personally had such positive experiences that I want to pass them on to others, helping you to feel more content and aligned with your life:

YOGA, EMBODIMENT PRACTICES, BREATHWORK & MEDITATION to get from the head into the body, to regulate the nervous system and to let the breath and the body speak and to learn to understand the body's language better. What has interested me from the beginning was the effect of yoga, breath and stillness on the mind, emotions and body as well as on our mental well-being.

COACHING to address issues, blockages or goals in an embodied way and not to ignore the language of the body. To give space to emotions and to one's own self.

I am convinced that contentment and well-being can only arise when we connect with our body, use the breath as a tool and learn to understand and use emotions as the language of the body. This is how we connect with what we really want and what is important to us.

This better connection to ourselves leads to a better connection to others, which in turn makes us happier - a virtuous cycle, so to speak!

Having been raised bilingually by my US-American mother, I'm happy to offer my coachings and classes both in German and English.


  • 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance), Nadine Maslonka & Fabienne Bogdahn, Damn Good Yoga Hamburg (2017)

  • 35h Breathe To Heal Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance), Max Strom, myShanti Yoga Nuremberg (2018)

  • 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance), Bernie Clark & Diana Batts,, Semperviva Vancouver/ Canada (2018)

  • 35h Thai Yoga Training, Tobias Frank, Shivasloft Düsseldorf (2019)

  • 20h Yin Yoga: A Functional Approach (Yoga Alliance), Paul Grilley, Pranamaya (2019)

  • Trauma-sensitive Yoga “Yoga & Trauma”, Yoga für Alle e.V. & Nicole Witthoefft, Hamburg (2019)

  • 120h THRIVE Mentorship Program for Yoga Teachers (Anusara-based), Annika Isterling, Hamburg (2018/19)

  • Yoga Therapy: Neck & Shoulders, Doug Keller, Yogamoves Hamburg (2019)

  • 20h Yin & Restorative Yoga, Rae Helsel, Zem Yoga Studio Rome/ Italy (2020)

  • Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) Training, Mark Walsh, Berlin (2020)

  • Sequencing for Yin Yoga, Jo Phee, via triyoga London (2021)

  • 55h Mental Health & Wellness Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance), Tiffany Cruikshank, Valerie Knopik & Diane Malaspina, Yoga Medicine (2022)

  • Somatic Practitioner Training: Awakened Body, Dr. Chris Walling et al., Embodied Philosophy (2023)

  • Basics of Somatic Experiencing (SE), Somatic Experiencing International (2024)



  • Basic Module Systemic Coaching, dr. alexander et kreutzer / Institut für systemisches Coaching (2007)

  • Lumia Life Coach Training (Focus: Positive Psychology; ICF certified), Lumia (formerly JRNI Coaching), (2021/22)

  • Yogamaya Coaching Mastery Mastermind, Cari Merriam (2022)

  • Integrative Somatic Parts Work, Fran Booth, The Embody Lab (2023)


  • BSc Business Psychology, Leuphana University Lüneburg (2006-2009)

  • Psychology, Universidad de Málaga, Spain (2008/09)

  • MA Human Resources Management, University of Hamburg (2010-2012)

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training & education

I am a WHOLYMED expert in the areas of YOGA, COACHING & BREATHWORK and therefore part of an interdisciplinary team of experts for holistic health, wellness and prevention.

WHOLYMED - Your Health, Our Mission

Make lifestyle your medicine.

More information and your guide to holistic health, wellness and prevention:




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