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In 1:1 coaching, I support you in tackling specific problems that prevent you from enjoying your life in full. We'll find out together what blocks you and prevents you from formulating and implementing your goals and how we can solve these blockages. Blockages can be complex: our own conscious or unconscious beliefs, attitudes, doubts and fears, tension in the body, entrenched behavior, a lack of connection to yourself, expectations of yourself or from outside, ...

Even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes: You and your body know what's right for you. You already have the solution to your well-being and happiness within you - sometimes all it takes is a nudge, a mirror and a sparring partner at eye level to create clarity, arrive at a solution and implement goals holistically.

In addition to targeted questioning techniques and tools, I value somatic practices and embodiment, breath and the connection between body and mind in my coaching sessions:

What is my body telling me?

How can my breath support me?


If I let my body speak instead of my head, which solution or path is the right one for me?

Which strengths do I have that I can use to reach my goals and dreams?

What do I need?

Who do I want to be and what do I want to embody?

This way, topics can be approached in a more holistic manner and lead to more well-being and your own inner knowing.

Coaching creates awareness, clarity and mindfulness, a better connection to yourself and is an individual guide to find you, your

Embodied YOU

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We work via Zoom on a topic or focus of your choice over a period of 4 months. The coaching sessions are conversations in which your breath and the language of your body are not forgotten in order to find the intuitively right approach for you.

What is included?

- one 90 min Kick-Off Session, 3 x 60 min sessions per month (12 sessions in total)

- Unlimited support via voice or text messages in the app Signal to keep in touch even between the 1:1 sessions

- free access to my online offers (classes and courses)

Curious to learn more and see what working together could look like?

Feel free to get in touch through this form - there are no strings attached but it will help me see what it is you would like to work on or break through.

I will review your answers and get in touch with you with a first embodied clarity session (free of charge) if I feel we could be a good match!

what you say

"My Embodied Clarity Session with Caro was a very unique experience which I am very grateful for and which has empowered me immensely in my visions and my journey. I felt comfortable around Caro right away and was able to let go from the start. Through her empathetic, understanding way of being she manages to give her coachee a deep inner safety and can hold you through the process, no matter the emotions or thoughts that may come up. Through specific questions, summarizing my possible solutions, breathwork and helping me feel into the body, Caro managed to help me find more clarity in a very short time. Thank you for this first guidance, dear Caro."

- Jana

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