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Slow down.

Retreat. Enjoy plenty of time for yourself and finally shift down a gear. Instead of the eternal rat race, you will find time here to slow down, to really feel and be.


Lots of time every day for yoga, breathwork and meditation to get back into your body, to connect with it and its wisdom, and to find out more about yourself.

Who do I want to be and how do I want to feel? What does my body tell me when I retreat, really switch off and listen?

Delicious, fresh food that nourishes you and makes you feel better will be part of helping you find this connection to your body.


Rediscover the connection that can be lost so quickly in hectic everyday life. To your body, to your breath, to yourself. Connect with like-minded people. With nature. My retreats take place in the most beautiful places in Germany and Europe - the sound of the waves, the sand under your feet, the clean mountain air, wide open meadows and fields - the connection to nature helps you feel completely yourself again.

"This year I'll be taking part in a retreat with Caro for the 4th(!) time and I'm sooo grateful that our paths have crossed. Caro has this special gift to take people on a journey and to accompany them, so everyone feels in good hands, whether it's a challenging Vinyasa session or in the quiet Yin classes. Also, the locations Caro chooses are always very special and, with a beautiful supportive ambience, contribute to a great atmosphere in which I always feel safe and secure all around. Coming together with people that enjoy their time together and are good for one another. Thank you very much and I look forward to the next retreat and many more beautiful "yoga trips"!"


- Anna (Crete Retreats 2020 & 2021, Grow & Let Go Retreat in Allgäu 2021)

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