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Befriend your body's wisdom - Embodiment Workshop

June 24, 2023
14.00 - 16.30h

at Damn Good Yoga Hamburg
Schrammsweg 11

Investment: 45 €

Taught in German

Do you pay attention to what your body tells you when you have to make a decision? 

Do you know how your body reacts to feelings and emotions and how you can increase your wellbeing through your body? 

Do you know how you can anchor thought patterns and feelings in your whole being? 

Do you embody your values and things that are important to you?  


All of these are various aspects of Embodiment. Feelings, thoughts, attitudes and experiences have an influence on the body - and vice versa! Embodiment deals with the connection between body and mind - and a lot happens there! It's also about how we can use this connection to our advantage. Especially in stressful and challenging times like now, we often spend more time in our heads than in our body or might feel overwhelmed by our emotions (which are the language of the body!) - which can have a toll on our wellbeing and mental health. Once we (re)connect to our body and celebrate this powerful connection between body and mind we feel better, more balanced and more ourselves. 


We will start this workshop with a short theoretical introduction into embodiment to then try it out ourselves and explore - how can I feel my body more and use it to really live my thoughts, attitudes and feelings. By feeling into our body, our breath and exploring various forms of movement we connect more to an embodied way of being.

We will explore various Embodied Yoga Principles and exercises that improve our connection between body and mind. We'll use journaling to sort what we learned through our physical practice. So you can be more YOU, with every cell. 

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